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'Rayve' is defined as all software downloaded as part of Raylogic's Rayve 3D Game Engine.

Rayve is made available "as is" without any warranty whatsoever, expressed or implied. Any person or entity using Rayve agrees to accept any and all risks with its use and cannot hold Raylogic liable for any type of damages, direct or consequential, from the use of Rayve.

Rayve is for use by the licensed subscriber only. No part of Rayve can be shared or made accessable by the subscriber to others.

No refund is available on a Rayve subscription, so please check system requirements carefully before subscribing. Subscription renewals are automatic, but automatic renewals can be canceled at any time to avoid further charges. If there is any fee increase before the next renewal, the subscriber will be notified and given a chance to cancel.

A subscriber can continue to use their current downloaded version of Rayve indefinitely after their subscription ends. No further updates to Rayve will be available once a subscription ends. Resubscribe to start receiving updates again.

If the subscriber uses Rayve to make a game, the game can be released/sold to the public with no royalties. This includes software deployed with the game, such as a mod tool or level editor, as long as this software can only be used with the specific game it is deployed with. The game or any of its tools cannot allow access to any Rayve source code or to the Rayve API.

If the subscriber uses any part of Rayve for software that is not a game, that software can only be used by the subscriber, or by a defined team or business entity the subscriber belongs to that is working together to make games. The non-game software made with Rayve cannot be made public or distributed out of the defined entity/group. The license for the non-game software ends if the group ends or disbands.

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